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Lagon with 8 Electric Boats

Ages : 8 years old et +

Small electric boats to relax on hot days!

 ​   WARNING   

-The supervision of games is necessary at all times.

-Requires a large amount of water provide several hours or the help of firefighters or people of the city for filling!

-Previse that at the end of the day this water will have to be emptied! (empty area or near manhole)

-When long-term event provide for a night watchman!

From Quebec


More voluminous games 2 to 4 volunteers for the manipulation (16 years and +) 2 to 3 outlets (15 amps)

This game require water source

Technical informations

Dimension (depth x width x height)50' X 30'

Number of participants at a time8

Maximum weight per participant (in pounds)130

Electrical Requirements2x15 independent amps

Number of persons required to assemble / disassemble5-6

Number of people required to supervise1, idéalement 2

This product is offered for sale

Used Price495$ / bateau$

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